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I have returned!

2022-01-24 14:28:17

Well it's been 16 months since my last blog post, which ended with: "I will try to keep this blog updated with how I'm doing, whenever I remember that is!".
I guess I didn't remember.

Besides just not remembering to write, there is a few other reasons I have not posted. As you can (probably) see the site has undergone some monumental changes. The most fundamental change was switching from a React & RESTFUL site, to a PHP site. While I like react, I found that the difficulties that came with SEO in JS frameworks outweighed the benefit of writing everything in JavaScript. On top of that, rewriting the site in PHP gave me a chance to get back to my web development roots.

Overall I am entirely happy with the switch. The code is cleaner, the file structure simpler, and the website is significantly faster.

Oh wow, did you see that? That bold text up there? That's right, I also introduced a rich text editor  for my blog posts. I've found that good and done is better than custom and never complete, so I ended up using TinyMCE as my text editor of choice, and you know what, it's working great.

While the main function of this website is not a blog, I do want to occasionally keep it updated with recent projects or solutions I am finding. The purpose of this site is really to showcase my work and be an online space for me, Dave6, devoid of trackers, ads, and all the other nonsense of the 2022 internet.

To avoid going another 16 months, I am simply going to end this post with a "See you next time, whenever that is".